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Greetings QB Family

Last Thursday evening the QB Board met electronically for their regular monthly meeting.  Here are some of the highlights for your information:

  • The Board ratified the extension of Paul Curtis as Regional Minister for the Metro South Region.
  • The Board acknowledged the closure of Friends Church which was meeting on the Gold Coast.
  • Sheryl Lanham was reappointed as Chair of the Baplink Management Council.
  • The Board adopted a motion of appreciation for D Morcom who will be concluding as a lecturer at Malyon College after 18 years of outstanding service.
  • Consideration was given to an updated draft Constitutional Template for Unincorporated Churches.
  • With the withdrawal of Lincoln Hopper from the Carinity CEO selection process, the Board endorsed the recommencement of a Carinity CEO selection process.
  • A progress report was received from the Carinity Incorporation Working Group.
  • Consideration was given to an updated Carinity Business Plan.
  • Consideration was given to and feedback provided for a draft MOU to progress a merger proposal between Malyon and Morling Colleges.

Please continue to intercede for the QB Board as they faithfully serve and seek to discern God’s best for the Movement.


Stewart Pieper
Director of QB Services

For reflection: I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1