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The Queensland Government Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) has invited feedback from Queenslanders on a proposed new Anti-Discrimination Bill 2024 which will restrict the practice of religious belief and activity in the arenas of work and education, but they haven’t allowed much time to respond. They plan to progress their new proposals through Parliament before we go to an election in October.    

A stated purpose of this bill is to remove key exceptions for religious bodies which allow them to hire and operate according to their faith and ethos.  

Freedom of belief and conscience are important values for us. Similarly, most of us would affirm that parents have the right to choose their child’s education. Given that the proposed changes to the Anti-Discrimination Bill will impact these areas, please consider participating in this Australian Christian Lobby campaign.   

Take Action Now  

Queensland Baptists have made a submission on the proposed new Anti-Discrimination Bill 2024. Their submission can be viewed HERE.