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Would you like to be more effective and proactive as a Christian leader in addressing conflict in your organisation?

Alan Kelshaw’s book, ‘Navigating Community Conflict’, has been written exactly for this purpose. It is designed to equip you as you navigate conflict to the glory of God and the health of your community.

In the forthcoming free webinar, Alan will discuss with PeaceWise CEO, Wayne Forward:

  • his reasons for writing the book
  • the need for such a resource
  • what he learnt about God and from scripture while writing
  • what the book covers
  • how the book can be of assistance to you and your leadership group.

What Alan has written is:

  • a guidebook of (a) principles, (b) strategies and (c) resources which offers Christian leaders a holistic approach to shaping and empowering confident and strategic responses to conflict events
  • a book for leaders in all Christian organisations – churches, schools, missions, charities and para-church groups
  • a resource designed to assist leaders:
    • to remain steady at the helm as they navigate the on-going direction of their community as a whole while simultaneously navigating a conflict in particular
    • to answer the questions, who will I/we be, what will I/we do in response to conflict
    • to have located in the one place, a variety of published resources on navigating community conflict events.

Date: Tuesday 28 November 2023
Time: 12.30 to 1.15pm AEDT
Who: leaders and managers of any church or Christian community

You can register here: