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I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to share with you some important upcoming changes to our QB Women’s Ministry.  

Queensland Baptist have had a women’s ministry expression for many, many decades which has had a significant impact on the women of our churches.  

Over the last nine years this ministry has been led by Cathy Knechtli with a focus on providing conferences for QB women primarily in regional centres.  

In recent years the support needs of our Queensland Baptist churches have increased as the world and ministry landscape has changed.  

There is an increased need for support for our churches in: 

  • compliance, 
  • insurance,  
  • child safety,  
  • and administrative support.  

Our commitment to the support needs of our churches, have placed significant pressure on our financial and operational capacity.   

In response to these demands, and after much prayer and consideration, QB has made the decision not to continue ministry to the Women of QB in its current form.  As a result of this change Cathy’s role is concluding in September 2024.   

So, the focus of our 2024 conferences will be to celebrate of all that God has done over the years, culminating at the final conference at Mapleton in August.     

We firmly believe that God has good plans for the Women of QB as well as the wider QB Movement and for 2025 we will be focusing on the Women’s Summit as a part of the BWC here in Brisbane.   

Mark Westhuyzen, I, and others at QB are walking with Cathy and supporting her through this change, even as she supports her ANEW team. 

God has really used Cathy over the years to help women, particularly in the regions, to feel valued, loved, and accepted. We are incredibly grateful for her passion, dedication, and servant heart. We are praying for a time of rest and refreshment for Cathy in preparation for where God leads next.