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Do you have a heart that desires to be equipped for the Great Commission that Jesus has called us to? Then join Malyon Theological College via Zoom for an online Q&A evening on Tuesday 24th January at 7pm.

Malyon’s Digital Q&A provides you with the opportunity to find out what courses you can study, find out about both undergraduate and post graduate study options, meet the course admissions team, and get some helpful course advice about what you are eligible for.

As part of registering for our Digital Q&A night, you will also receive instant and FREE access to a selection of 4 sample video lectures. Topics of these sample video lectures include:

  1. Why Missions
  2. Top 3 misunderstood theology terms
  3. Interpreting the book of Revelation
  4. Pastoral skills for understanding grief and loss

Register today below and we will instantly email you the Zoom link to connect with us on the 24th of January at 7pm.

Malyon Digital Q&A Session