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I am writing to you about a very important opportunity to have your say to support school chaplaincy across the nation.

The NSCP has been an amazing grant that has supported chaplains for many years. The Australian Department of Education is now conducting a consultation process using Dandalo Partners (a public policy consulting firm) to independently evaluate the National School Chaplaincy Program. They are wanting to hear perspectives on the value of chaplaincy for the wellbeing of students in schools. Can you help us?

The government does this whenever they are renewing the chaplaincy program, and the resulting report is a critical piece of evidence for the government, and for supporters of chaplaincy, to advocate for the continuation of this amazing program.

Can I please ask you to;

  1. Fill in the survey!
  2. Forward the survey to anyone in your network who will speak positively of the chaplaincy program

The survey is only open for 2 weeks and will close 11:59pm Tuesday 13th September.

It will take about 20 minutes of your time, but your support will influence the program for the next 4 years.


Please note: this survey’s purpose is to evaluate school chaplaincy’s effectiveness in meeting the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of our young people and school communities. As such, we ask that you NOT share this link on social media to help ensure that the responses given accurately reflect the needs of actual stakeholders of this service, including students, school staff, parents, chaplaincy volunteers and supporters, churches and community organisations connected with a local school community. 

Our hope is that we can gather as many positive responses as possible.

Together we can make a difference and let the Australian Government know the support that communities have for their school chaplain and the vital work and care they provide for our communities.


Rev Stewart Pieper
Director of QB Services