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Rev Emil Rahimov and Brisbane Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church would like to convey their deepest appreciation to the QB family for your prayers and generosity towards Ukrainians arriving at our shores.

However, more families will be arriving. Our government social services are not able to cope with the increased need for services and often refer families to the churches. Due to various competing priorities, there also delays in processing requests for services.

The families are women (with children) whose husbands and sons were not allowed to leave Ukraine due to compulsory conscription, families with more than three children where fathers are exempt from conscription, and families with children that have disabilities.

Many of these families cannot afford airfares even when they have already secured visas. When they arrive, they struggle with finding a place to live or rent. They also face challenges in buying food and other daily necessities while waiting to be granted humanitarian visas that will allow them access to social services.

Your continued prayers and any other help that you can provide will be very much appreciated. If you would like to know more about how you can help, please contact Emil Rahimov at or phone on 0421 930 503. Thank you.