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The QB Movement is looking for Expressions of Interest in two part-time, paid Regional Minister positions:

  1. Regional Minister for the Central Queensland Region (6 churches – 0.5 days per week)
  2. Regional Minister for the Darling Downs Region (12 churches – 0.5 days per week)

The 15 QB Regional Ministers assist the Director of the QB Movement in the resourcing, supporting and visioning of pastors and churches. Their main role is to proactively network pastors and churches in their Region and to provide mentoring/coaching and access to resources.

The qualities the QB Movement is looking for in a Regional Minister include:

  • Spiritual wisdom
  • Church leadership credibility
  • Passion for the local church
  • Commitment to the QB Movement
  • Strong networking experience
  • Ability to work with a diversity of pastors and churches

An Expression of Interest would include:

  • A brief CV
  • Brief comments on how you fit the qualities (above) of a Regional Minister
  • Reasons why you feel God may be leading you to this role

The RM is called by God to a spiritual role that may include:

  1. Seeking to develop the shared Priorities of the QB Movement.
  2. Networking regularly with pastors in the Region to facilitate effective collaboration between churches and with QB Services.
  3. Sharing vision and resources with QB Churches in their Region and collaboratively developing resources with the RM team.
  4. Supporting the pastors and churches in their Region by offering encouragement, equipping, advice, access to resources and coaching.
  5. Assisting in the support of newly registered ministers.

The anticipated process of appointment:

  • Fri Nov 24 – Expressions of Interest close
  • Nov 27-Dec 8 – Consultations with those expressing interest and with churches in the Region
  • Dec 11-15 – Interviews with applicants
  • Dec 18-22 – Appointment by QB Board
  • Jan 29 – Commence as Regional Minister

Please address your further questions and Expression of Interest to John Sweetman (, the Coordinator of Regional Ministers.