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As per the wishes of the QB Assembly, 2nd May 2024, the ordination application processes have been modified to allow local churches to “have a more significant participation in the process including the identification of men and women as candidates for ordination according to their theological understanding of ordination and of who may be eligible and subject otherwise to the Registration Guidelines as amended from time to time”. 

The QB Ministerial Services Committee (MSC) have reviewed and approved the process that is detailed in the attached Ordination Information Guide.  We will be transitioning to this new process for all future ordination applications.  Note that any applications in process already will continue to be managed under the previous process.   In summary, the new process will be as follows  

  1. The Ordination Application Process will be initiated by the local church leadership and facilitated by QB. 
  2. The Evaluation of the Application will be undertaken by an Ordination Review Committee comprising 2 members of the Local Church Governance Group and 2 members of the MSC.  They will recommend (or not) the ordination of the applicant. 
  3. MSC will approve applications as recommended by the Ordination Review Committee 
  4. An ordination service will be led by the local church leadership and QB representatives in the local church. 

To initiate an ordination application, the Local Church Leadership should complete the attached ordination request and forward back to Pastoral Services at