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On Monday November 13, the National Prayer Breakfast organised by the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship was held at Parliament House Canberra. This event has occurred annually since 1986 with a focus on prayer for national leaders and for the wellbeing of all Australians.

Carinity Education Shalom student Hezekiah filmed a call to prayer which was shown during the breakfast, in which participants were encouraged to give thanks for God’s creation of our land. They were urged to pray for our schools, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and our nation’s leaders. Hezekiah reminded participants to repent of those times when they forget to place Jesus first and don’t love others the way Jesus loved us. Finally participants were urged to pray that God’s will be done in Australia, as it is in Heaven. You can view Hezekiah’s video here.

Praise God for the wonderful work occurring at Carinity Education Shalom.