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Have you heard about BDC? Its aim is to help your church rediscover a discipleship culture that helps people multiply. It’s a program that many of our QB churches have used with great success. I have loved hearing stories of people getting excited to read the bible together and grow. One the unexpected things is that many are using this process as an evangelistic method, offering to meet and read the bible with non-Christians and seeing conversions. I have also been excited to hear how young people are engaging with the program and discovering a new confidence to read and understand scripture. Rediscovering a discipleship culture and seeing new believers come into your church brings new life and energy to your community. This program has worked in many contexts across Australia and has a proven track record. 

BDC stands for Building a Discipleship Culture. As we know building a culture takes more than reading a book or doing a small group study. The leaders of BDC will take your church on a journey across a year with two workshops and fortnightly zoom calls for your team. The whole process only costs $1500. There is also an option to continue the training for a second year.  Tim Piesse is a brilliant leader and trainer and he is putting together a cohort for Queensland right now! So if you’re eager to see discipleship and evangelism flourish in your church this would be a great step. Tim would love to set up an introductory session for you if you want more information.  

Check out the website here Building a Discipling Culture – The mission of God in the hands of ordinary people (