Baplink Celebrates 30 Years of Ministry!

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“The fruit of our work grows on other people’s trees.” This is a statement credited to both Peter Drucker and Bob Buford, two American men who pioneered many globally renowned works for the Kingdom in previous decades. 

For 30 years, this has described Baplink’s contributions to the QB Movement. Whatever success God has given Baplink by His grace has been the success of a QB church, school, or other ministry. 

We are excited to continue to serve the QB Movement by SUPPORTING VISION and STRENGTHENING STEWARDSHIP.  

We are also encouraged by the example of our Lord. His formal ministry began after 30 years: With this as our inspiration, we believe that the best for Baplink is yet to come. 

And we believe that’s good news for the fruitfulness of the QB Movement!