A Mighty Flood

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It has been a privilege to tour around our state over the last 3 weeks for our Regional Gatherings. As we prayed and shared stories together, I was reminded of the joy of serving alongside so many dedicated and passionate gospel servants. One of the most encouraging aspects of the gatherings was hearing new stories of salvation in every region, as people put their faith in Jesus, often in surprising ways. As we have focused on our QB priority of Effective Mission in 2023 and prayed together for God to sovereignly move in power, there has been a noticeable new trickle of salvation stories. Praise God!

I was reminded of the vision that God gave the prophet Ezekiel of a trickle of water starting to flow from the temple (Ezekiel 47). The further he walks along the river, the greater the flow of water. Eventually, the trickle becomes a mighty river, “that was deep enough to swim in—a river that no one could cross” (v5) and “where the river flows everything will live” (v9). As I listened to the stories around our state, I found myself praying for this vision to become a reality in our Movement. Please be praying with me that the trickle we are currently witnessing would become an outpouring of God’s Spirit in His church, filling us with boldness and confidence to share His good news. I pray that as you listen to the stories of salvation in your community and in other church families, that you will be filled with faith for more and move to your knees, crying out for a mighty harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

A big thank you to all the pastors and their teams who hosted our gatherings in their churches. Your hospitality was so good that I am now on a diet for the next three weeks. Thanks also to our regional ministers who serve, encourage, resource and care for us all throughout the year. Why don’t you send them a message before the end of the year and encourage them in their ministry? We still have one more gathering with many of our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Pastors and leaders in Logan on Saturday. Please be praying for them as we gather to celebrate what God is doing in their midst.

God Bless,

Jason Elsmore
Director of the QB Movement.