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This video training has been designed to accompany the QB Safe Church Strategy. Please use this video to equip your team with the relevant information required as part of the strategy. You can use it as your church leadership training, at an annual ministry training for your church teams, for new leaders who sign up for your ministries throughout the year, or as training for all of the above! We hope it is helpful, and are keen to answer your follow-up questions, should anything need clarification.

The training is just under 40 minutes long and has been segmented into 2 parts. The first, shorter segment is appropriate for everyone of all ages who lead in ministries with young people, including any junior leaders under the age of 18. The second, more detailed segment is for all those who serve who are over the age of 17. Leaders who turn 18 this year should also take part in this segment.

Please take and use this video to assist your church in becoming compliant in working with children, young people and vulnerable people. We welcome your feedback to help make this an effective resource for our movement.

Safe Church Training Resource

Please contact safechurch@qb.org.au to obtain the password to access the video training.