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2000 years ago, Jesus intentionally invested 3 years of His life into 12 young leaders.   He didn’t call them to follow Him because they were elite performers or spiritual superstars.   They struggled with doubts and delusions of grandeur.   They lacked courage when under pressure and they needed training to fulfil the task ahead of them.   But they listened to Jesus teach and they watched Him minister, and then He sent them out to continue His mission and ministry throughout the world.   Empowered by the Holy Spirit, they boldly shared the gospel and shepherded the early Church.

If we are going to see Australia come to know Jesus, we must train more leaders who will share the gospel boldly, make more disciples and plant more churches.

One of our QB priorities is Servant Leadership and our shared goal is: Every Pastor to invest in 11 emerging leaders.   I know Jesus chose 12, but nobody wants to train a Judas!

I believe that all of us want to invest into leaders who will lead like Jesus and make more disciples of Jesus in the marketplace and in the church.  The problem is, we don’t always make the time and sometimes we don’t know where to start, so leadership development gets left in the too hard basket.

At the QB Pastors’ and Spouses’ Convention in April this year, we began a conversation about what we could do to help resource local churches to equip emerging leaders.   A team was formed and ably facilitated by Mark Westhuyzen to take those initial ideas and begin planning for the future.   I am excited to announce that we have 2 new leadership development initiatives to share with you at our Regional Gatherings, that I believe could be a blessing to every QB church in 2022 and beyond.

Project 11 is an 8-month local church based emerging leaders’ program that will be resourced and facilitated by QB.   There are 11 leadership projects to help every pastor invest in 11 emerging leaders, over the next 5 years.   I encourage you to start thinking about 3-5 leaders that you could invite to participate in this new project.

Pastors Training Modules are being developed that can be accessed online or used for in-person training events to equip Pastors to mentor emerging leaders and develop leadership pipelines in the local church.

I would love to see you at our Regional Gatherings in October or November, depending on your region.   We have moved these gatherings to Term 4 to give every church the time to plan how they would like to be involved in these initiatives in the following year. There will be opportunity for discussion and to give input as we make some final plans for 2022.   Invitations will go out this week for the Regional Gatherings and I encourage you to bring your ministry teams along with you, as we pray together for God to move in power across our state.

God Bless,