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About the Author

Rev Dr John Sweetman is a pastor, leader, preacher and teacher. He pastored Queensland Baptist churches for 23 years and then led the Queensland Baptist Theological College (Seminary) for 16 years. Since 2018 he has been semi-retired. During this time he has pastored a church, mentored pastors, led the Queensland Baptist Regional Ministers team, and even done a stint as the Interim Director of the Queensland Baptist Denomination. And he has done lots of babysitting and surfing.

John’s doctoral research through Denver Seminary was in mentoring leaders and he loves investing in the next generation of disciples of Jesus. He also loves solving sudokus, but don’t hold that against him.

John has been married to Debbie for over 40 years and has three married sons (who are also following and serving Jesus) and six grandchildren.

John has written many plans for YouVersion (including a Christian Foundations series for discipling new Christians). These can be found if you search YouVersion for Queensland Baptists.

About the Plan

Throughout 2021, Queensland Baptist Churches are focusing on one of their major priorities: Faith-filled Prayer. They are seeking to build faith by listening to God, standing on his promises and celebrating his powerful work. We believe that God wants us to ask him for even greater things than what we have seen so far (John 14:12-14).

One of these “greater things” we are asking for is revival. During a spiritual revival, God supernaturally transforms believers and nonbelievers. Christians walk more closely with God, continually repent of sin, love to be in God’s presence, and passionately follow Jesus. Non-Christians see evidence of the reality of God in the life and service of Christians and many are convicted by the Holy Spirit and come to faith.

This is what you will be praying for over the next 21 days. That God will send revival.

To assist your praying, each day there will be:

  • A Scripture reading pertaining to revival
  • A short devotion on the reading
  • A prayer response to the reading
  • A prayer you can pray for revival

The 21 days are divided into 3 one-week segments:

  • Personal revival. Revival starts with you. We will consider what this looks like and how it comes.
  • Community revival. Praying for revival in your church, your community and throughout your nation.
  • Preparing for revival. God is the one who sends revival. It is his prerogative. But we will look at our role in preparing for this revival.

It is best if you can read the Scripture and pray daily, but if this is not achievable, please set aside some time to catch up with your reading and prayer. It would be good to stick to the 21 days of prayer and to cover everything in that time where possible.

You may choose to fast at some stages during the 21 days to focus on prayer and show your willingness to sacrifice for God’s revival. Options may include:

  • Giving up certain luxuries for the 21 days e.g. sweet foods or social media or TV.
  • Fasting from food for one day each week.
  • Choosing a period to fast from food during the 21 days.
  • Skipping a meal each day to focus on prayer.

May God draw you close as you study his word and spend time with him over the next 21 days. May your heart be warmed by his grace. May God hear our cries and send revival to our spiritually barren nation.